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Focused conferences, workshops and symposia in specific areas in order to promote a culture of research and encourage aspiring researchers to take up specific emerging areas of importance are conducted. The participation is generally restricted to either persons working in the field or interested in taking up research in the area. Leading experts in the area are also invited to present talks at the conference. Usual talks and poster sessions are organised to show-case the work of all the participants. The objective is to bring established, renowned and aspiring researchers together. This eventually leads to new ideas, increased clarity of direction and effort to develop research activities in a focused way, and hence optimal usage of the resources. It also leads to improvement of research quality.

Conferences/Workshops/Symposiums proposed by faculty members need the approval of Dean (CE) and every off-campus Conference/Workshop/Symposium irrespective of budget, requires the approval of the Director.

Persons, organisations interested to avail details of any particular Conference/Workshop/Symposium may contact Convenor of the Conference/Workshop/Symposium.

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